New Clients Should Fill Out These Forms Before Their First Visit

The buttons below link to PDF files that you can download and print. The forms will open in a new tab or window. Please remember to bring them with you to your first appointment.

These are some links that might be helpful to my clients

Hormones and Balance (

To learn about how to balance your hormones with food!

Joyous Health (

Yummy and healthy Recipes!


Soul is a delicious seed-based blend, packed with antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory benefits from Rain International. This supplement is available on my page on Rain's website. Clicking the Get Soul button below will take you to my ordering page on When you get there, choose Buy Now from the menu. Choose Shop to purchase Soul at the retail price. Signing up as a preferred customer using the Subscribe and Save option entitles you to a discounted price. (Core and Form, which are both very good products by Rain are also available from my page.)

Wellevate is my online store! From here you can directly access recommended vitamins and supplements, and set up automatic refills. Plus, shipping is FREE on orders of $49 or more!

Lumiton Light Energized Apparel©™

Lumiton has invented clothing that transforms sunlight into red and near-infrared light using patented laser science. The energy in sunlight is critical for overall health and wellness, but in modern life, we block the sun at every turn. The fabric transforms the sun's energy into healthy natural light for the body.

Red and near-infrared light are proven to increase collagen and skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and reduce joint and muscle pain, among other benefits.

My clients get a 15% discount on all purchases of Lumiton clothing using the code SAH042819c at checkout.